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1st Battalion (Airborne), 501st Infantry

Mission Statement

On order, 1/501 IN (ABN) conducts reset and small unit training in order to prepare for higher echelon collective training and future combat operations.

Command Teams

Battalion Commander: LTC Jason W. Condrey
Command Sergeant Major: SGM Joshua K. Carswell (Acting CSM)

Hatchet Commander: CPT Eric Predmore
Hatchet First Sergeant: 1SG Erick Ochs

Apache Commander: CPT Levi Floeter
Apache First Sergeant: 1SG Michael Barrera

Blackfoot Commander: CPT Drew Cronkhite
Blackfoot First Sergeant: 1SG Landon Sahagun

Commanche Commander: CPT Joel Franceschi
Commanche First Sergeant: 1SG Travis Cooke

Delaware Commander: CPT Jeff Pawlik
Delaware First Sergeant: 1SG Randy Hahn


Airbone Chinook
Dust Artillery