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2nd Battalion (Airborne), 377th Field Artillery

Mission Statement

Reset and retrain the battalion in order to build lethal sections and platoons prepared for combat operations, serviceable equipment ready for deployment, and strong Paratroopers and families able to endure a lengthy deployment.

Command Teams

Battalion Commander: LTC Christopher J. Ward
Command Sergeant Major: CSM Stanley C. McQueen

HHB Commander: CPT William L. Banks
HHB First Sergeant: 1SG Michael D. Herbst

A Battery Commander: CPT Gabriel C. Dearman
A Battery First Sergeant: 1SG Ryan T. Warner

B Battery Commander: CPT Branton J. Irby
B Battery First Sergeant: 1SG Gerardo C. Ramon

C Battery Commander: CPT William P. O'Neill III
C Battery First Sergeant: 1SG Raymond S. Middleton

F Company Commander: CPT James R. Burds
F Company First Sergeant: 1SG Edgar I. Monsanto


Airbone Chinook
Dust Artillery