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2nd Battalion (Airborne), 377th Field Artillery

Mission Statement

On order, 2-377th PFAR provides firepower overmatch throughout the 4-25 IBCT (ABN) area of operations in order to dominate all adversaries through the rapid & simultaneous application of all fires and sensor platforms.

Command Teams

Battalion Commander: LTC Benjamin R. Luper
Command Sergeant Major: CSM Stanley C. McQueen

HHB Commander: Michael McCaughey
HHB First Sergeant: 1SG Michael D. Herbst

A Battery Commander: CPT Robert T. Blackman
A Battery First Sergeant: 1SG Raymond S. Middleton

B Battery Commander: CPT James T. Ward
B Battery First Sergeant: 1SG Cary M. Wallum

C Battery Commander: CPT William P. O'Neill III
C Battery First Sergeant: SFC Joshua J. Bell

F Company Commander: CPT Joseph C. Ford
F Company First Sergeant: SFC Michael S. Murphy


Airbone Chinook
Dust Artillery