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6th Brigade Engineer Battalion

Mission Statement

Reset and retrain a 6th Brigade Engineer Battalion that is capable of providing combat support effects and capabilities to the 4-25th ABCT in order to enable the Brigade to successfully deploy and fight full spectrum operations anywhere in the world.

Command Teams

Battalion Commander: LTC George H. Walter
Command Sergeant Major: CSM Ronaldo E. Jordan

Titan Commander CPT William Longwell
Titan 1SG: 1SG Herbert Gill

Breacher Commander: CPT John Kline
Breacher 1SG: 1SG Jody Birdhead Lambert

Hammer Commander: CPT Jonathan A. Braeckel
Hammer 1SG: 1SG Jason Lambert

Sapper Commander: CPT Russell M. Streif
Sapper 1SG 1SG William Jasper

Dagger Commander: CPT Dan Loeffler
Dagger 1SG: SFC Jeffrey Housner

Mercury Commander: CPT Brien Brown
Mercury 1SG: 1SG Jason L. Brumet

Easy Commander: Avraham Behar
Easy 1SG: William Plachinski

Arctic Dragon: Christopher Horvilleur
Arctic Dragon 1SG: Shelita Jones

Arctic Defender: Michael Domovich
Arctic Defender 1SG: Benjamin Tilberg


Airbone Chinook
Dust Artillery