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  1. Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska.
    Geological Survey Photo. Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. Alaska Range, south from Polychrome Pass. August 18, 1946. ID. Hickcox, C.A. 209

Alaska superimposed on the continental United States


    ALASKA is a fantastic place to live and serve. Our Soldiers are known as our nation’s Arctic Warriors. We train in weather that goes to -50oF because weather will not slow the American Soldier.

    Few people realize how large Alaska is. You can see on the graphic that Alaska stretches across the entire span of the lower 48 states. This offers Soldiers in Alaska another challenge. We operate in a remote environment and must plan carefully for every activity.

    Our Unit Ministry Teams have the privilege of serving these heroic Soldiers and their resilient Families. Army Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants train with their units here in Alaska and then deploy with them to combat zones around the globe. 

    Our ministry is to Bring God to Soldiers and Soldiers to God in any environment, under every circumstance. We pray for them, we pray with them, and we participate with them in the miracles that come from those prayers.


Command Chaplain's Office

U.S. Army Alaska Command Chaplain




Operations NCO


Administrative Assistant




FRA Duty Chaplain

Contact thru the FRA Emergency Operations Center (EOC), 384-6666

FWA Duty Chaplain

Contact thru the FWA Emergency Operations Center (EOC), 353-4180/4181

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