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Items like these can be found during a Geocaching expedition near you. For more information, log on to

Story, photo by Joanne Langseth
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If you find yourself asking what Geocaching is you’re not alone.

The Outdoor Recreation Center holds free classes in this new upcoming sport. All you need is a sense of adventure and a Global Positioning System.

The GPS unit is a small, hand-held tracking devise that determines your location on the planet. 

With a little instruction, you can join thousands in a worldwide hide-and-seek treasure hunt.

Hobbyists can log on to for complete instructions and locate maps and clues for hidden caches in the area.

The Fairbanks community has more than 384 hidden caches around town. The Anchorage area has almost 900 hidden treasures, and there are more than 400,000 hidden caches worldwide.

For more information on Geocaching classes, or to sign up for the Aug. 12 class, call the Outdoor Recreation Center at 353-4089.

The ORC provides GPS units to use in the class. Searchers will find hidden caches loaded with great prizes. This sport is for people of all ages.