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Chemical, MP units join forces in Operation Delta Dragon

Soldiers with 95th Chemical Company and 545th Military Police Company evacuate an “injured” Soldier during a medical evacuation training scenario for Operation Delta Dragon at Fort Greely.
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2nd Lt. Nicole Wunderlich
95th Chemical Company

Soldiers of the 95th Chemical and 545th Military Police companies capped off the two-week Operation Delta Dragon exercise by testing their tactical know-how during 24-hour operations Sept. 20 to 26 at Fort Greely.

The skills test came on the heels of four days of nonstop training missions dealing with mock chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats in various areas on Fort Richardson Sept. 15 through 19.

For the newly activated MP unit, the training was invaluable, said platoon leader, 2nd Lt. Jared Budenski, 2nd Platoon, 545th MP. It was the unit’s first field training exercise since being activated in August.

“When you have the opportunity to train with other Soldiers from other specialties, it makes you have a thorough understanding of accomplishing the mission,” Budenski said. “Stepping out of our comfort zone of the military police allowed us to show how proficient our Soldiers truly are.”

The scenario behind the exercise called for 95th Chem. to support the National Society of Environmental Engineers as it analyzed where to place a landfill on Fort Richardson, said Capt. Julia A. Dorans, 95th Chem. commander. The unit’s role was to do reconnaissance, surveillance and decontamination of any chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

Dorans said this training presented a true test of the Soldier’s skills, because it not only employed all of the company’s available reconnaissance, surveillance and decontamination assets — such as the Chemical Unmanned Ground Robot and Bio-integrated Detection System operations — but also incorporated their additional tactical role as a quick reaction force. 

“Soldiers are more confident and capable in their abilities to provide CBRN defense and protection to other units,” Dorans said. “They are also better prepared to protect critical assets in U.S. Army Alaska as the Homeland Defense Quick Reaction Force. I am proud to command such a fine group of Dragon Soldiers and look forward to testing their strength.”

At Fort Greely, the 95th Chem. Soldiers reloaded to carry out training on security missions with the 545th MPs. Chemical and MP Soldiers trained side-by-side, evaluating squad-level missions, to include checkpoint operations, installation security, civil disturbance response and mounted patrols.

The companies practiced close-quarter marksmanship and weapons qualification daily to maintain proficiency on their weapons systems. On the final day of training, each platoon simulated a medical evacuation in a scenario in which an injured Soldier needed to be evacuated.