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Cultural Resources Further Reading
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To obtain additional information regarding cultural resources on U.S. Army Alaska contact Lisa Graham.



For those interested in learning more about Alaska history and cultural resources on Army managed lands - the following titles are recommended for further reading.


Alaska History

Naske, Claus-M. and Herman Slotnick. Alaska: A History of the 49th State, 2nd ed. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1981.

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Alaska Military History

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Anchorage History

Carberry, Michael and D. Lane. Patterns of the Past: An Inventory of Anchorage’s Historic Resources. Municipality of Anchorage: Community Planning Department, 1986.

Tower, Elizabeth. Anchorage: From Its Humble Origins as a Railroad Construction Camp. Fairbanks: Epicenter Press, 1999.



Chandonnet, Ann. The Once & Future Village of Ikluat/Eklutna: The History of a Tanaina Athapaskan Settlement. Adam Press. Chicago, Illinois, 1979.

Chandonnet, Ann. On The Trail of Eklutna. User Friendly Press. Anchorage, AK, 1987.

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Interior/Fairbanks History

Cole, Dermot. Fairbanks: A Gold Rush Town that Beat the Odds. Fairbanks: Epicenter Press, 1999.

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Naske, Claus-M. and L. J. Rowinski. Fairbanks: A Pictorial History. Norfolk: Donning Co., 1981.



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