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Fort Wainwright Outdoor Recreation
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Outdoor Recreation Regulation Supplement

Off-Limits Areas

US Army Recreational Tracking System (USARTRAK)

Survival Shelter Maps

pdf icon2011 Bear Harvest


Off Road Recreational Vehicles and Motorized Watercraft

Recreation Special Maps

2012 Press Releases

To obtain additional information regarding recreation resources on Fort Wainwright contact Shawn Osborn.


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All recreational users of Fort Wainwright must sign in to the USARTRAK system before proceeding to their intended fishing or hunting area. Failure to properly sign-in could lead to citation.


Outdoor Recreation

Fort Wainwright is managed for a number of different types of public recreational use. All areas that are determined open for recreational use may be closed temporarily during periods of military use. Recreational areas are areas that are open to all types of recreation, including off-road vehicles (ORV's). Modified recreational use areas are areas that are open to hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, skiing, and berry picking, but are not open to any type of ORV, except in the winter. Limited recreational use areas are restricted to all types of recreational use year round except hiking, skiing, bird watching, berry picking and other low impact recreation activities. Off-limits areas are restricted to public access and use year round.

Outdoor Recreation Regulation Supplement-contains information on recreation access to army training lands and required permits, off-limits/closed areas, hunting, fishing, trapping, firearm restrictions, ORV and motorized watercraft use, prohibited activities, and related maps.


Fort Wainwright Survival Shelter Maps

Emergency Survival Shelter Cabins

Wood River Shelter

Blair Lakes Shelter

Willow Creek Shelter

Clear Creek, Salchaket Shelter

Salchaket East Shelter


Additional Information

Project ChildSafe

Living Safely with Moose

ORVs on Militaty Lands

Snowmachine Riding

Widlife Viewing

Ruff Grouse Hunting

Fairbanks Hunter Education Indoor Range



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