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Outdoor Recreation - USARTRAK
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To obtain additional information regarding recreation resources on USARAK lands contact Shawn Osborn.




The USARTRAK automated phone system was designed to help eliminate conflicts between military training and recreation. You must call in to USARTRAK every time you go into the training lands.

The new system for access to military lands for recreational activities is designed to streamline both the reporting process for USAG-AK and the check-in process for the user.

Recreational users, including firewood cutters, will be issued a Recreational Access Permit (RAP). The new RAP permits will continue to be valid for all types of recreational access.


1. Obtain a recreation Access Permit (RAP)-RAPs are available at the main gate visitor center of each installation (please bring valid picture id).
2. Check into an area by using the USARTRAK Recreation Access Phone Line.

Current USARTRAK informational brochure: FWA/DTA

Recreation Access Permit

Persons 16 years or older wishing to hunt, fish, trap, camp, ORV, or participate in other recreational activities must first get a Recreation Access Permit (RAP) before entering US Army Training Lands.

The RAP is free and can be obtained at

The RAP number is required in order to use the Army’s automated access system, the US Army Recreational Tracking System (USARTRAK).

The RAP is good for use on Fort Wainwright and Donnelly Training Area.

The RAP is valid for two years from the date of issue.

The RAP must be carried on your person while recreating on USAG-AK lands.


Obtaining a Recreation Access Permit RAP

You can obtain a free Recreation Access Permit at or at the Main Gate Visitor Centers on Ft. Wainwright and Ft. Greely. Ft. Wainwright regulations relating to outdoor recreation and hunting can be obtained at the visitor centers or obtained online at the above website. Public hours for the visitor centers change seasonally so please telephone the visitor center(s) at the numbers below for current office hours.

Detailed recreation/navigation maps, recreation information, and Recreation Access Permits (RAP) can also be obtained at Please visit this website.

Ft. Wainwright Natural Resources Office (907)361-9686
Donnelly Training Area Natural Resources Office (907) 873-1616/1815
Ft. Wainwright Police Department (907) 353-7535
Ft. Wainwright Visitor Center (907) 361-6144
Ft. Greely Visitor Center (907)

USARTRAK Recreation Access Phone Line

After you get your post RAP, you can use your permit number to enter into the USARTRAK phone system.

  • Range availability will be noted within the telephone message. These messages are updated weekly and will list which areas of post are available for recreation or which areas of post must be avoided due to training.
  • Groups can be checked in by entering multiple permit numbers at the beginning of the check-in process, eliminating numerous calls
  • You can check in for a day or for the week if you are camping
  • You can check in 24 hours in advance

Each of the main installations consists of multiple training areas. You will be asked which one you will be entering.

  • Fort Wainwright consists of the Tanana Flats TA, the Yukon TA, and the Main Post.
  • Donnelly Training Area consists of Gerstle River TA, Donnelly East, Donnelly West, Black Rapids, and Whistler Creek.

The larger training areas on Fort Wainwright and Donnelly Training Area are further subdivided. You may need to refer to the USARTRAK check-in system brochure to check into these areas.

As always, recreational activities are permitted in the training areas as long as there are no conflicts with the military mission or training activities. This is for your safety, the safety of the troops, and to maintain the integrity of the military training experience.


Steps Involved in Using USARTRAK

When you call the USARTRAK phone line you will be given a series of prompts that will allow you to select the area you want, activity you will be engaged in, and provide you with information about training area availability.

Your RAP number and one of the local phone numbers is all you need to access this phone system.

The USARTRAK phone numbers are:

  • Fairbanks: (907)353-3181
  • Delta Junction: 873-3181

When you call the USARTRAK phone line you will be prompted through the system as follows:

  • First you will hear the welcome message
  • You will be asked to enter your Recreation Access Permit (RAP) number
  • You will be able to enter additional permit numbers, if traveling in a group (and then confirm additional numbers).
  • Select the post you wish to enter (press 1, 2, or 3 for Fort Wainwright, Donnelly Training Area, or Fort Richardson).
  • If requesting access to Fort Richardson, you will be asked to enter the first 3 characters of your last name (e.g. for “SMITH” one would enter “7-6-4”)
  • Select the activity from the list that most closely identifies the activity you will be engaged in that day. If none of the menu options match your intended activity, press “7” or “Other”.
  • You will then hear the training area openings for a specified time period.
  • You will be asked to enter the training areas of interest (limited to two on FRA)
  • You will be asked to enter the number of consecutive days you will be in that location (FWA and DTA only).
  • You are now at the end of the menu and you are checked in to the system.

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