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Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) Base Services

JBER supports over 45,000 Active, Reserve, Guard, Retired, Civilian, and their Families. In an effort to improve the quality of life for all those thousands, JBER offers many diverse programs, conveniences, and services. Please take the time to peruse this directory and see what JBER has to offer.
  This category includes information on places to shop, dine, be entertained, and a myriad of other services on our outpost in the Last Frontier.  Here you'll also find information on the most frequently-used agencies, like the offices for travel, pay and transportation.  Scroll through Base Services to find out what the installation offers; you may discover a useful program or service you didn't know even existed.   Because Families are our strength at U.S. Army Alaska, there are many programs and assets here to support them. Providing a stable, healthy environment at home gives our deployed Soldiers the confidence that their Families are taken care of.  We make sure our Families are resilient and “ready to stay” when their loved ones are deployed in harm’s way.  Please take the time to become familiar with all the programs available here to care for our children, support our Families and further your education.   Alaska’s extreme climate demands an outstanding level of health care to keep USARAK Soldiers and Families Arctic Tough.  Alaska is a challenging place to live, work and train.  With this in mind, the superb medical facilities on our installation are specifically designed to provide the best care available to our Soldiers, Families, and even pets.  Whatever your medical needs, the resources listed here can help you find the help you require.  
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  Being a Soldier in the Last Frontier can often be challenging for troops and Families.  Maintaining ready units and strong Families is a USARAK priority.  We have a solemn responsibility to ensure every Soldier is ready for anything the nation asks of us.  Many resources are available to help manage the rigors of military life and momentous life events in general.  No matter your situation, there is someone here to help.  You don’t have to stand alone. When we stand together we contribute to Alaska’s ready, capable, and relevant forces.  Please draw on the resources found here to add the strength of our community to your own.   We all need a place to call home; even for a short time.  Serving in majestic Alaska is a unique and challenging assignment. Having a comfortable place to live is vital to the Arctic experience.  Part of providing our Families top-notch care and support includes hundreds of new and recently renovated Army Family housing units.  The resources here can help you find a place to stay temporarily or somewhere to live while serving in the Last Frontier.   Active Living can be the most rewarding part of the Alaska experience. It also builds and strengthens Arctic Tough leaders.  We train hard in Alaska with three simple goals: deploy, fight, and win anywhere in the world.  Our installation offers many resources to help Soldiers and Families to stay lively and rigorous, even through the long winter months.  Whatever your interest, JBER has activities and facilities to help everyone stay active and energetic.  
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