(Subversion and Espionage Directed Against the US Army)

 Foreign Intelligence Services and Terrorist Organizations are avid collectors of all types of military information regardless of how important it may seem to you!

You are required to immediately report:

         Known, suspected, or contemplated acts of espionage, sabotage, or international terrorism

         Attempts by unauthorized persons to gain access to national defense information

         Actual or attempted unauthorized intrusions into automated information systems

         Personnel having contact with a known or suspected member of a foreign intelligence service or international terrorist group

Be on the lookout for the following espionage indicators:

         Repeated security violations

         Suspicious foreign travel/contact

         Undue wealth

         "Need to know" violations

         Unauthorized possession/removal of classified information

         Extensive copying/transmission of classified/sensitive information

         Unnecessary work outside normal duty hours

         An authorized user's misuse of automated information systems

         Inappropriate requests for information about US Army forces, personnel, or technology from foreign or US personnel

If you are approached or otherwise identify a SAEDA-reportable incident:

         Remain noncommittal

         Remember the details

         Don't investigate on your own

         Report it immediately

Report it!

Alaska Resident Office, 500th MI BDE
Bldg # 1, RM B-13-C
Ft. Richardson
Phone:  (907) 384-1622


Force Protection

Before the incident is when the terrorist is susceptible to detection.

  If you see it, or suspect it, REPORT IT!

Did you know that before any terrorist attack, someone "checks out" the target? Some methods used are:

         Surveillance: Observation and recording of the target, area around the target, and personnel interacting with the target. Some techniques include photographing, sketching, and video taping.

         Elicitation: Subtle elicitation of information during an apparently normal and innocent conversation. Most operatives are well trained to take advantage of professional or social opportunities to interact with persons who have access to information. This can occur at any location, to include a restaurant, bar, store, on the Internet, or the phone.

         Test of Security: Testing the weakness identified and observation of the reaction by security personnel. Some techniques include attempts to enter a facility or installation, false alarms, and "dry runs."

Report any of the following activities:

         Sketching, mapping, surveillance, or photographing of US facilities, activities, or personnel.

         Suspicious vehicles or individuals.

         Individual asking suspicious questions about US facilities, activities, or personnel.

         Unauthorized individuals attempting to gain access to US facilities or installations.

         Theft of, or attempts to obtain, military uniforms, identifications cards, equipment, or vehicles.

         Information concerning any international or domestic terrorist activity or sabotage.

         Attempted or planned assassination of anyone by terrorists or agents of a foreign power.

         Incidents in which terrorist groups or foreign countries offer employment to US personnel in the design, manufacture, maintenance, or employment of weapons of mass destruction.

Report it!

      If you believe the information is critical or time sensitive, contact military, local, state or federal law enforcement immediately.

In other cases, contact:

Alaska Resident Office, 500th MI BDE
Bldg # 1, RM B-13-C
Ft. Richardson
Phone:  (907) 384-1622