Structured Self-Development(SSD)

SSD Progression Chart

How to register and use SSD1 (PowerPoint)

How to register and use SSD1 (PDF)

What is SSD?

SSD will be implemented in five different programs (SSDP 1-5) targeting each operational level from Team Leader/Squad Leader to CSM.

Designed to bridge the gap between formal NCOES courses, SSD is a correspondence based program promoting professional development at all career stages through non-MOS specific courseware targeted at the individuals current operational and institutional education level.

SSD is a defined set of required learning progressively sequenced across a career, closely linked to and synchronized with operational and institutional domains. SSD is structured on a competency-based system that supports a life long learning approach to individual development that encourages individual initiative.

How will SSD effect me?

The USASMA has completed development of Level 1, which consisted of 32 lessons. It should be available for access this Spring. Level III is in development. There are 25 lessons in Level III, which is for Soldiers who've completed Basic NCO Course (Advanced Leaders Course). We will begin development of Level IV once we've completed Level III. Level II is the Common Core portion of BNCOC in a Distant Learning format, which is in pilot now, and will be implemented in October 2009 for the AC.

SSD Domains