U.S. Army Garrison Alaska (USAG-AK)
Policy Letters



U.S. Army Garrison, Alaska (FRA)

USAG-FRA-01 Garrison Civilian Employee Fitness Program
USAG-FRA-02 Youth Use of Buckner Physical Fitness Center
USAG-FRA-03 USAG-FRA Policy on Excessive Stereo Noise from Privately Owned Vehicles (POV)
USAG-FRA-04 Usage Policy for Buckner Physical Fitness Center
USAG-FRA-05 Bicycle Operations on Fort Richardson
USAG-FRA-06 USAG-FRA Intra-Post Move (IPM) Request
USAG-FRA-07 USAG-FRA Post Housing Standards
USAG-FRA-08 USAG-FRA Policy for Government Paid Local Moves
USAG-FRA-09 USAG FRA Driving Offenses and Barment Penalties
USAG-FRA-10 Building Assignments on Fort Richardson
USAG-FRA-12 Installation Sign-in for Non-DOD Guests Sponsored onto Ft. Richardson and/or the Arctic Chill
USAG-FRA-13 Substance Awareness Education Training for all Civilian Employees
USAG-FRA-14 Alaska Civilian Employee Use of USARAK Form APVR-RRM-AP Form 1
USAG-FRA-15 Policy and Procedures for Installation Off-road Recreational Vehicle (ORV) Use on Ft Richardson AK
USAG-FRA-16 USAG FRA Environmental Compliance Assessment, Training, and Tracking System (ECATTS) Implementation
USAG-FRA-17 Garrison morale, Welfare and Recreation Operating Entity (GMWROE) Council
USAG-FRA-18 Fort Richardson Policy on Political Activities
USAG-FRA-19 Accident Reporting
USAG-FRA-20 Customer Service Operations Hours of Business
USAG-FRA-22 Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) System, Updated Implementation Policy
USAG-FRA-23 Safety and Occupational Health Philosophy Statements
USAG-FRA 26 USAG-FRA Organizational Improvement - Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
USAG-FRA-29 Open Door Policy
USAG-FRA-30 Award Recognition Policy
USAG-FRA-32 Shopping Agent Privilege Memorandum (SPAM) Privileges Policy
USAG-FRA-33 Fort Richardson Army Lodging Pet Policy and Procedures
USAG-FRA-34 Fort Richardson Temporary Living Allowance (TLA) Authorization Policy
USAG-FRA-35 Fort Richardson Army Lodging Reservation Policy
USAG-FRA-36 Distinguished Visitor Quarters (DVQ) Policy
USAG-FRA-37 Policy for Warning and Termination Letters for Government Quarters at Fort Richardson
USAG-FRA-38 Ultraviolet Light/Carpet Inspection Policy
USAG-FRA-39 Use of "Golden Age Passports" for DFMWR Recreational Activities
USAG-FRA-40 Child Care Policy for Official and Training Holidays
USAG-FRA-41 Pay Settings for Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (DFMWR) Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Personnel
USAG-FRA-42 Dress Code for United States Army Alaska (USARAK) Facilities
USAG-FRA-48 Drivers' Training Using Ice Pads at Fort Richardson


Contact Natalie Hardy, USAG-AK Admin Officer, 384-1863.